Website Managed Hosting and Site Care

Ruth Yeoman already had a personal academic website, but she wanted someone who understood her professional needs to look after all the technical aspects of hosting and maintaining her site, and at an affordable price. Read what I did, as well as full details of my Site Care plans.

Project Outreach Website

This is an example of a website emanating from a research project that was built to provide information for end users. In this text-heavy site we use plenty of white space to lighten the experience. The home page displays the different categories of information available, together with a prominent newsletter opt-in form, and a disclaimer.

Carola’s Book Website

Carola wanted a website to publicise her first published book, and sell it directly through her website. We designed her site around the artwork she had commissioned for her book cover. We included several elements to inform about the book, including a video trailer, sample downloadable chapter, and reviews.

Len Evans Therapist Website

Len’s Therapist Website

Len wanted a website to provide information about his personal counselling service, and a way for potential clients to contact him easily. It was important to keep the design clean, light, and easy to use, and the project within his limited budget.

Sandra’s Personal Academic Website

Sandra’s a psychology professor. She wanted a personal academic website to present her outreach activities alongside her research and publications. We chose a bold, magazine style design that headlined her latest activities, and presented a news blog of her work.

Ruth’s Author Website

Ruth’s an investigative journalist. She wanted a website to promote her latest book and film projects, and also present an archive of her published articles. We chose a strong, clean style, and a structure for all her work that was easy to browse.